Hair color

At Beautyszone, we believe in doing it better than other salons. In 2015 Rekha Singh opened Beautyszone with an ambition of establishing one of the most outstanding hair salons in Kolkata. Over these years, our beauty salon has grown with the help of professionally dedicated staff who are focused on providing the appropriate services based on the preferences. Our salon and its team of professional hairdressers have remained loyal to the original vision of exceeding the expectations of customers and conclude in an amazing result. Our primary motive is to make you feel and look the best. Hairstyling is our passion and thus, we serve it quite efficiently. Mrs. Rekha Singh has a passion for creating the best salon and hence, it has fueled the realization of creating client-associated beauty salon.

Our clients can achieve world based fashion styling as Rekha prefers traveling around the world to learn new techniques, fashion movements and the best quality of products available. The investment behind this time and effort ensures clients with nonpareil services and treatments. The client’s wish and desires are our primary focus along with professional consultation services. There’s a common myth that says hair color thickens the hair and keeps it healthy as strong. At Beautyszone, we accept this idea and encourage people to overcome their hair-related issues by coloring their hair. We also understand how important it is to maintain the right health factors of our customers’ hair. Rekha Singh and her crew also include expert hairdressers who understand what your hair needs. We have the perfect solutions for all your hair problems. Our hair stylists are skilled in every respect, and they know what is best for their customers. We feel proud to bring the best looks to our customers.

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